Last June I wrote a blog that had intense and insane responses.  WHY?  It was my truth about being a single woman in the city.

It was shared all over, picked up and went viral (well for me) AND I was honoured.  I think this truth resonated because its fu**ing HARD to date in Toronto (cities in general).

SO recap.  WHAT’s changed since last summer.  Don’t think life can change in a year?  Ha.  Well I have found a wonderful human man who I’m madly in LOVE with.  Sure I’ve been in love before, or a version of it I suppose.

Why is this different?  I was ready.  I think the people I dated.  The work I have done on myself.  Self love and such was ready for a partner.  Makes sense?  To me it does.  SO now what?

It’s not always happier ever after and NO RELATIONSHIP is PERFECT (gawd knows IMMA INPERFECT HUMAN) but here’s my two cents on what’s important to ME in a relationship.

TRUST:  Trust is  a weird one for me.  I have been lied to and cheated on.  Have omitted or told a fib in my day.  AND giving trust to someone is a vulnerable thing.  I still have much work to do with this BUT am working on it.  HE also trusts me and is patient with me (and sh*t from my past).

LAUGHTER:  Laugh that stuff off.  I CAN BE THE MOST STUBBORN.  I can hold on to things.  GUESS what.  Does nothing.  AT all.  For you, for them, for the relationship.  TIP:  Find an inside joke and when things get tense, throw it out there.  Trust.  Will lighten up the mood OR at least put a pin until you both calm down.

KEEP YOUR FRIENDSHIPS AND BUILD NEW ONES: Keep your lady dates.  Keep your man dates.  You will both want some time solo and then you get to come back and giggle about how adorable you are.  SHARE and build new ones.  I also think its super important to include your SO into your people, it’s another form of trust and they get to see YOU.  How you are with people.  NEW people and couples are also a neat form of socializing too – its like this thing that you started together.  Friends with couples, dogs whatever your jam is.  It’s sort of like when you move in together to a new place.  It’s a fresh new couple thanggg.

COMMUNICATION: This is the foundation that will break or make you.  I mean it’s important in everything you do; work, friendships, love, life etc.   Talking things out.  Figuring how you “fight” – matching and using your approaches so they compliment each other AND resolve, not continue.  You will have disagreements.  You will not agree on things.  AND that’s okay.  It’s building and having the tools to keep it healthy and evolving is the key to an open, honest and STRONG relationship.

ALL OF THE INTIMACY:  Not just the sexy and gushy stuff.  Late night conversations.  Just being quiet.  Looking at each other and having a secret language.  Kissing for no reason.  Just being.  Insecurities and dreams.  Share it.

HAVE FUN: Above all have fun.  ENJOY each other.  Try new things.  Eat out.  Run together.  LAUGH.  CONSTANTLY.   Challenge each other.  Eat oranges in bed.  Exchange dreams.  Kiss often.  HAVE fun.

So many of you have asked, who this mystery man is… well he makes occasional appearances on my social BUT the most important part is;  He loves me, makes LAUGH CRY always, puts up with my crazy.

Happy Wednesday loves xoxo


SPOTLIGHT: GRANT MATTOS from Football to Wellness Warrior


WE have such an amazing FEMALE crew BUT we wanted to show you a different lens.  Our male counterparts:  MEN that inspire us, TEACH us + make us PROUD.  


First up was an easy pick.   This man has been a professional athlete,  a contestant on a Survivor then into a Yogi + Plant Based foodie + super family man!

RB:  Hey GM so where to start.   You are such a athletic + positive pillar in the NFL + Sports Industry.   San Diego, Denver + Tennessee is where you left your mark!  How did you get into the sport and what was your absolute favourite part?
GM: Originally I got into football because that equaled time with my father. He and my mom divorced when I was 8 so any time I could share with him meant everything. The more I matured and took the work ethic he instilled in me the higher I kept rising in the football ranks—from high school to junior college, to a full athletic scholarship to USC then the NFL. I didn’t realize it then, but as I was rising through those ranks I began pushing my father away. I wanted to be seen as more than just the football player. I wanted to be seen as me, even though I didn’t know who that was. It became very confusing attempting to understand why I started to despise a game that had given me so much. I have so many favorite memories of the game. But my most memorable are those with my father, running up and down unmarked fields, as his voice echoed off empty bleachers, announcing game winning touchdowns and circus catches.
RB:  What propelled your decision to retire?  More family time?  A different venture? Injuries?  A little thing we call “age” ha?
GM: My decision to retire came at an interesting time. I had left the game for good after being released by the Titans. I didn’t want anything to do with the sport. I was so angry, felt like I was owed something for nearly two decades of hard work. I stopped working out all together and a good friend found me a daytime bartending gig at the Mondrian Hotel on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles. This was going to be a new chapter in my life without football. But about 6 months into the new job the Oakland Raiders called, asked if I was interested in coming in for a workout. I thought about it for a day. My ego won the conversation. I agreed to show up. After missing my flight out the following morning and arriving 2 hours late to the workout (subconsciously I don’t think I wanted to go at all), I performed well and was invited to join them for training camp the following week. And as I sat in that empty players locker room after the workout, my body feeling so fragile (I had very little cartilage left in my right hip), I came to terms with that being the end. I didn’t want to swallow pills everyday to get through practice and games. My body was tired and my heart wasn’t there anymore. I had zero passion for the game. Not a speck of the feelings I would have running up and down those fields with my father. 
RB:  OKAY.  Yoga.  You’ve publicly said “You found yoga, or rather YOGA found you”.  Explain.
GM: When I left Oakland after that final workout for the Raiders, I spiraled out of control into an inky abyss of depression. I left the daytime bartending job, packed up all my belongings into a green and black duffle bag and left for Las Vegas. I dragged along the bottom in the desert for a year—drinking copious amounts of alcohol, numbing myself with opiates, and sleeping when both those wore off. I had a job bar backing at the Spearmint Rhino, where every male bartender asked, upon finding out I played in the NFL:
“Could you get me a try out for a team?”
I had become a shell of my former self. Felt completely empty. I was fired from my bartending gig for sleeping on the job, after a year the girl I had been staying with told me I needed to find a new place to live. The same good friend who found me the bartending gig at the Mondrian Hotel in Los Angeles reached out and asked how I was doing. I told him my situation. He sent me enough money for a tank of gas to get back to LA, offered me his couch to sleep on until I got back on my feet. When I rolled into LA a day later the first thing we did was walk up the street to Equinox West Hollywood and got me a job as a front desk greeter. It was here I found yoga, or like I said maybe it found me because I didn’t know anything about it. Had it not been for that day and my friends kindness, I don’t know if I ever would have found yoga. 
RB:  You are fuelled by plants/plant based lifestyle.   What made you make the switch?  What are your top 3 tools/advice for someone looking to try vegan or vegetarian?
GM: I’d say 90% of my diet is plant based. I do eat fish and on a rare occasion red meat. Sometimes my body leads me to those things and I listen. I made the switch for a more alkaline based diet about a year ago because I noticed how amazing I felt wen I cut out all the unnecessary acidic foods in my life. I have big goals and dreams and I need all the energy I can muster to make them come true! 3 tips/advice to anyone looking to change their diet for the positive:

1. Be Clear.  Be clear on what you want out of your diet. Tie it to something when you think about it gives you an emotional response. For example, I eat and train the way I do now to be the best example I can be for my little girl, that she can do and be whatever she wants to be, and it starts with what we choose to put in our body.

2. Be Open.  Your diet doesn’t have to look like anybody else’s. There is no right or wrong. As long as it’s working for you and you feel amazing and full of energy you’re doing something right. You take that and build momentum day in and day out. Eventually the not so great food habits you may have had will fall away. And some will stay…like the vegan chocolate chip cookies I have most every night!

3. Be Kind.  Give yourself huge amounts of credit for deciding to do something positive and meaningful for you like changing your diet. We can be so hard on ourselves for not doing everything perfectly and following every single rule. Forget that! Take it one day at a time, one meal at a time. And remember…have fun!! This is your life!!
RB:  You are building such a positive, voice + brand on social media.  Do you have rules + etiquette that you follow to your own personal + professional standards?  If so what are they?
GM: I’ve just recently started documenting my everyday life—daily habits I practice every morning that set me up to crush the day. The football background has helped immensely in that I know what it’s going to take and how hard I can push myself physically to get to where I want to be. What’s really cool about social media (and something I haven’t embraced until recently) is that I can share these positive things with a huge audience from anywhere in the world. We don’t really know the impact we have on others lives, and for me that’s what’s so exciting about sharing my habits, my diet, my fitness. Even if it’s just one person who sees or reads something that inspires them to makes positive changes in their life, I feel I’m doing something right.

As for the nitty gritty details I’m so busy during the week I keep my diet on point because I wouldn’t have the energy to do what I do. Fitness wise I’m in the gym doing strength training and practicing yoga anywhere from 3-4 days a week. I change up every other week and throw in something that makes me uncomfortable—boxing, sprint work, track workouts, etc. And I ride my bike everywhere…yes everywhere. I don’t have a car

RB: So you + your stunning wife Christina are an amazing couple,  the kind people look up to + aspire to be like.   You are both super busy with careers (Christina is an actress!) + travel – so how do you keep connected and communication at optimal levels?
GM: Communication is key. With her schedule and mine being as busy as they are we make an active choice daily that our lines of communication are open. And it’s so easy because I love her so much. She’s my best friend, my whole world. The life we are trying to build will allow us to spend our “work” together as a family constantly and travel together wherever that may take us. Right now our biggest form of communication is FaceTime and phone calls. Nothing replaces being next to the ones you love, but being able to see their face helps a whole bunch!!
RB: You also have a cute little one at home.   Is it important for you + Christina to build a positive brand to set an example for him?  Also do you guys implement the power of nutrition + movement at a young age?  DOES he get that mama + papa are public figures?  
GM: I get teared up thinking about this.
So much goes into being a parent.
And your tested daily to be at your best. I fricken love that. I love walking into her room most every morning when she calls for me. I love that she knows her “daddy” loves her and will always be here for her. And Christina. She is such a powerhouse of a mom. I watch her with our little girl sometimes and am in awe. She’s such a positive example for Flynn who turned 4 in December. Christina is such an amazing mother, teaching this little beautiful person to move through the world with strength and an open heart. She eats what mom and dad eat, but she definitely has her favorite foods now. So we try and provide the most clean options. But sometimes she just wants a Kinder Egg. And that’s okay too.I don’t think she fully understands that mommy and daddy are public figures yet. She knows daddy travels for work and that we visit mommy on set in big trailers. Mostly, she just to be with us wherever we are. What we happen to be doing is secondary I think.
RB:  I tend not to ask this too much but whats the IDEAL? 5 year GOAL?  WHAT do you want to be remembered/known for?
GM: The ideal is for this brand I’m building to be the “work.”
To travel as a family and inspire so many in the best of ways. Having been in a dark place for so long, I want to give back to those who feel lost or hopeless, those struggling to find there place in the world or wondering what their full potential is.
I want to do for others what my wife did for me: awaken that sleeping giant inside. 
RB:  For all the young athletes + entrepreneurship, what sort of advice would you leave them with?  Or what do YOU wish someone would have told you at the beginning of your career(s)?
GM: I had some AMAZING human beings come into my life at key points on my journey to the NFL. These are things you can’t plan. They’re simply out of your control. Football was tied to receiving love from my father. That was rocket fuel. So to all my young athletes + entrepreneurs, what is your why? Why are you doing what you are doing? Is it just for the money? Or does it go deeper? Is it to provide for your family? To create positive change in the world with expectations of receiving anything back? Ask yourself why you are doing what your doing. And be honest. The truth is gonna come out eventually. And when times get really challenging and you question the path , that answer is gonna be your fuel. Your rocket fuel!
RB:  OKAY – food power round:
Fav restaurant: Terroni’s (my wife and I’s first date)
Go-to meal: salmon and oven roasted Brussel sprouts
Fav smoothie: Amazing Grass Protein Superfood (peanut butter and chocolate)
Sweet or savoury: BOTH!
Guilty pleasure: Ritter Sport chocolate bars (all of them!!)
Red or white: white.
Well this was a blast.  Thanks so much to Grant and Christina for letting us into their lives for an afternoon.  Follow them on Instagram@grantmattos 
Have the best day and stay tuned for JULY EDITION.  HINT: INVOLVES FOOD
rb xo

rbn ROUNDUP: Top 5 EGG FREE – “Imma running late + need to eat because #hanger is a thing” breakfasts!

If you have been reading + following us for awhile, you know how much I LOVE EGGS. Literally the most perfect protein (contains all amino acids), super mobile + such a versatile ingredient!

*(Look to older posts for eggy breakfast ideas)

BUT sometimes YOU:

A. Don’t feel like eggs

B. Don’t eat eggs

C. Don’t have time for eggs!

So this post is for you!

Mostly all vegetarian or with the option (*look for asterisk)


(Could be a great lunch/snack)


Tomato jam is my secret hack to using the overly ripened tomatoes + not wasting. Three steps: Simmer two cloves of garlic in olive oil. Add in tomatoes. Reduce + cook down. Season.

Using your favourite bread or sweet potato toasties – smear homemade or a quality store bought hummus. Throw on some tomatoes jam + fresh parsley. Boom.


This bfast has proteins + healthy fats which will keep your blood sugar regulated + KEEP YOU full until lunch time!

Matcha version (omit matcha for basic)

6 tbsps chia seeds

2 cups almond/cashew/coconut mylk

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/2 tbsp matcha (I use WithinUs Matcha)

2 tsp honey or maple

Your choice of berries, fruit, nuts + seeds as garnish! (I used frozen bc I didn’t have any fresh on hand!)

Mix chia, vanilla, matcha (mix with a little water) + mylk well! Divide into 4 containers for the week. Top with your fav fruit! Boom.


Smoothies are an amazing + nutritious way to get a bunch of amazing ingredients in a rush! The only thing is make sure you balance with some greens too + not just all fruit! PINA-Colada is my spring go – to: 1/2 cup fresh pineapple, 1/2 cup coconut milk, 1/4 cup cashews, 1/2 lime, 1/4 c water, 1/2 cup spinach + 1 pack collagen. Blend + dream of beachessssss.

2. BREAKFAST COOKIES ARE A THING: Shown here, my classic banana + oat cookies. With the added benefits of turmeric + walnuts = anti inflammatory + brain food. RECIPE: 1/2 cup #gf oats per medium banana. Add in 1 tsp turmeric and 1/4 cup raw walnuts. Some grated ginger + VOILÀ!

1. PARFAITS and fruits and nuts! OH MY!

Literally throwing some delicious yogurt + berries + coconut + milk + nuts makes a super energized breakfast. The balance of FATS + PROTEIN + CARBS is amazing + will keep you fuelled up. BONUS recipe: SOAK GRANOLA OR OATS overnight + grab in am! Portable + delish!

DOESSSS THIS MOTIVATE YOU TO EAT!! Tag us @thehealthybies or email for breakfast ideas (or deliveries!)!


LIVE deliciously.



Being an entrepreneur is hard.   I know this sounds a tad self indulgent based on my social media and instagram but it can be.   Over the last few weeks myself and some of my peers (also very public personalities based in food, film, digital and lifestyle) have been in a work and life FUNK.  The conversation has spanned from financial woes to inauthentic people competing for gigs to lack of inspo to feeling depressed and THE MOST TALKED ABOUT – FEELING LOST.

Let me say first and foremost, I am very fortunate in all the opportunities, people and support that surround me and living a truly unique life.

BUT in #truth social media is 1/20th of real life.  I’ve been honest about a checkered past of tumultuous relationships, former careers, anxiety + need for perfection (read: unattainable self set standards) AND life being SH*T at times and IN KEEPING WITH THAT HONESTY now … 2018 wasn’t as shiny and AHHH-MAZING as I had hoped for.

I’m a truly happy person (irritatingly so to some LOL) but being in this mood left me sullen, irritable and more GRINCH than “Joie de VIVRE”.

NOT fun for me, work or others.

sad woman

Work wise though this day in age is very different.  I’m not a millennial but grew up with technology enough for it to it be a major player in my professional + personal life.  I have a voice and viewership based on my credentials, education + work history, NOT just because of influential numbers or audience.  WITH all of this, I’d be lying to YOU (and myself) if I haven’t thought about buying likes, changing it up to sound like everyone else, throwing in the towel because of comparisons or not thinking I’ve achieved enough.


WHAT to do.

Literally sitting here after another conversation with a dear lady friend and closest male pal.  LADY pal is feeling defeated and uninspired like me, essential an “I don’t know and don’t care ATM feels” and MAN pal said a few kind words that came at the right time and is essentially the reason I am writing this now (after months of off air).

HERE are my LIST of TOOLS that may help YOU when feeling flat, uninspired, jelly or just BLAH:

(*AS always IN MY OPINION only)

  1.  TALK to your people.  This could be your “hard hitting friend” – you know the one that never bullshits and GIVES you the hard truth.  A$$ kicker, if you will.  ORRRRR it could be your most inspiring friend that gives you insight, hope or even a potential collab!

sunset love

TWO: FEEL the FEELS.  If therapy has taught me anything, YOU cannot move forward carrying or hiding the past.  TAKE the sick day, have a pity party, CRY or eat 12 cupcakes while watching a rom-com.  DO it and refuse to feel guilty about it.

THREE:  STOP comparing.  Everyone has a talent or a voice that is unique to them.  FIND YOURS.  It’s there, I promise you.  Today a friend told me his goal on his upcoming holiday was to find out himself and his next purpose.  Maybe take an overnight away and just brainstorm until something hits or inspires!  Can’t get away – turn your home into a “staycation” – island tunes, tacos and let your hair down!

FOUR: 30 second dance party.  EXACTLY what it sounds like. Dancing is mood booster!

FIVE: Open a book.  Go to a museum.  JOURNAL.  Eat at a new restaurant.  Buy a fashion mag.  Watch a docu.  There’s more than one medium to find inspo.  YOU just have to try.  MY fav: Libraries.  I love the feel of books and you can read anything or escape to anywhere in seconds


SEVEN: Drink more water.  I just added this because I’m constantly on people to drink more water.

EIGHT: MOVE.  Walk.  HIKE.  RUN your worries away.  GRAB girls and head to the nearest spin class.   MOOD enhancer and endorphins will always give you a lift.  FREE therapy.

NINE: EAT happy foods.  Cold water fish, colourful fruits + vegetables and WATER.

food rainbow10. THIS will pass.  I fell into this funk due to work being terrible, the weather being terrible, feeling lost, being behind on other work and let myself fall into it.  I’m now “putting my ducks in a row” to help make 2018 great again and by default (and a bit of sun and Vitamin D supplements) has removed a great part of the blahs.  OR as Audrey would say THE MEAN REDS.


What is your version of coping?

FRIENDS?  THERAPY? QUIET?  Let us know by email or comment.  Truly hope this helps anyone feeling something identical or similar.

ALSO to my people who tolerated and got me through my hump esp DJH, BT, MJ, TH, JB, JM, KE, KC and GH.

As always xoxo

NEW YEAR, NEW GOALS: Getting my business organized for 2018!

Happy Monday !

With the new year approaching, I’m starting to lay out new goals, projects and hopes for the next year. With so many exciting things to come for my business, I know that staying organized is SO important for making all of my plans a reality.

One easy way to do this is by streamlining my expenses and organizing my spending – and I’ve already gotten a head start!

Over the last few weeks I’ve been working with Scotiabank and using their new Scotiabank GM Visa Business Card, and it’s made my work life so much easier. The best part is that I’m earning GM Earnings on all of my business purchases (and trust me, they can really add up) that I will one day put towards the purchase or lease of a new GM vehicle.

For any business owner looking to streamline their expenses, it’s important to know what qualities matter most to you in a credit card. Now that I’ve had a chance to use the Scotiabank GM Visa Business Card, I wanted to share some of the features I found most helpful as a business owner:


The Scotiabank GM Visa Business Card offers cardholders flexibility with no earnings or

redemption caps and the ability to redeem points at any time for almost any vehicle.


Developing recipes and sourcing ingredients are my favourite parts of the job – but it is the art of managing budgets and expenses that really makes a business successful!

With the Scotiabank GM Visa Business Card, I also have access to Visa Business Reporting, which is an easy to use analysis tool that helps me simplify my expenses and track my business spending – a huge time saver!


Scotiabank encourages its small business cardholders to meet with small business advisors who can provide guidance and help plan for the future. It’s always great to feel supported and know there are experts to lean on.

As part of my partnership, I’ve also had a chance to test out the 2017 Buick Encore. I’m always on the go – meeting with clients and travelling to catering gigs – and this vehicle is perfect for getting around the city. I especially like the OnStar 4G LTE Wi-Fi connection that lets me easily take conference calls and download files between meetings – all hands free!

Thanks to Scotiabank and GM for making my business life a little less stressful this month, now I’m off to my last catering job of the year!

What are your goals going into 2018?



SPOTLIGHT: No BBQ no problem! Why the winter months will have you grillin’ away!

We love to grill things, seafood, pizza and clean proteins. Mind you that usually happens in the summer and warmer months OR if you’re lucky enough to have a BBQ (some people aren’t allowed grills in their condo decks/outdoor space).

Well we were able to find another solution to allow us grilling all the things, all year long!  Indoor grill.  Is that what you guessed?  Philips Canada came up with the perfect version, where its actually infrared cooking so no gas, no flames, no chemicals!  Plus it remains an even temp and heat so you cook things to perfection and still get grill marks.

Another amazing feature is how easy it is to clean – the top grill comes off and bottom pulls out too.  Both dishwasher safe and easy to reassemble.  Also has a warming feature that will keep your vegetables and burgers warm until you’re ready to assemble.

OH and there’s this.   Like no smoke.  We did a National campaign and we did demo’s for hours on end – and check this NO smoke.  Like at all.  AND won’t leave you smelling of food or smoke either so prepping before you serve is a dream.

One of our most favourite things we made were burgers – sliders to be exact and we adapted them to each province and their flavours!

Here’s our main recipe and then some inspo for a few other versions!

rbnBURGER base: GF/DF – yields 12 mini sliders OR 4/6 full burgers

1/2 onion, diced finely

1 lbs ground organic angus beef (chicken and turkey work too)

2 garlic cloves, smashed and chopped

1/2 cup gf oats or flour

1 large egg, whisked

Sea salt and pepper

A tsp tomato paste

Handful fresh parsley, chopped finely

Method: Combine all ingredients well and grill until cooked through! If getting meat from butcher (ask him to grind) – cook medium rare – medium if wanted (only beef)! Serve with our fav buns or even bun less, with lettuce wrap for a lighter lunch or dinner!

MONTREAL: We did poutine burgers – so added minced mushrooms (prepped with Philips immersion) and stuffed with cheese curds!

TORONTO: We added bacon and some maple to main mix!

CALGARY: Subbed in bbq sauce for tomato paste for a smokier burger!

Mmmmmm. We also did grilled vegetables, fish, fruits! You name it we did it!! Check out Philips link for more info!

Spotlight: Philips Counter top Airfryer and why I eat chips every week.

I’m a chip monster.  Like all chips.  Especially the root chips: taro, yam, beet etc and I prefer to make over purchasing.  So having fresh, crispy and salty chips is like the best.  And get this, I’m not deep frying in oil or baking them.  WHAT’S left – I’m AIRFRYING them in my cool Airfryer.

So a few months ago we did a cross Canada tour with Philips highlighting fun, healthy recipes using some of their best counter top appliances (see pasta machine) and this one was definitely a crowd and family favourite.  On tour I made countless things: Roasted vegetable skewers, GF brownies with zucchini, Fish, GF chicken wings, frites and more.  The main attraction and why people love it is that you get crispy and well cooked food without the addition of oils.  SO crispy wings that aren’t deep fried!

HOW: With their TurboStar rapid air technology, foods crisp and “fry” using lots of evenly distributed hot air.  Crispy on outside and moist inside.  The main basket is also large enough to prepare a meal for 4 and barely takes up any counter space.  Also with the click of a button it goes from being dirty to handwashed or dishwasher safe in minutes.  And take it from me, I hate things that are hard to clean – to the point where I won’t support or buy it.

There’s also a free APP with tons of recipes that you and your household can enjoy and with supervision this could be a fun way to get the mini humans involved in kitchen duty.

Here’s some highlights on how it works!

  • Easy to dial where you control temp and cooking time
  • With a few clicks, everything disassembles and ready to clean and re-use
  • Presets for fav dishes: Fries (frozen), wings, fish and meat.
  • Digital display for easy reading
  • Philips Airfryer app – so many tasty things!
  • Can work as dehydrator on low setting: Chips, dried vegetables and spices
  • Feel good about cooking with less to no oil added.





Easy to use and clean basket.  We also just made a quick batch of apple chips/crisps. Using your mandolin or slicing thinly.  Put into basket.  “Fry” at 375 for 12 minutes – check halfway and give a shake.  EAT.




1/2 sweet potato and 1/2 russet potato – sliced thin or using mandolin (BE CAREFUL)

1/2 teaspoon organic coconut oil

sea salt and pepper (cayenne is yummy too)

To do: Toss with oil and seasoning.  Place in basket.  Cook for 5 minute increments to make sure not to over cook.  Give basket a shake each time too, to allow chips to crisp/cook evenly.  Eat and dip.  THAT IS IT!


Email us as always with your questions or recipe wants!  xoxox


IN THE KITCHEN: How fresh pasta will change your life.  (Or at least make it better). 

Yes.  I eat carbs.

And my number one carb-y love is PASTA.  I rarely made from scratch and especially with being GF for the last 6 years – even less.

UNTIL I met Philips.   Ha ha.  Not a man – Philips – as in the brand.  Did you know they have a line of kitchen counter appliances?  Yup.  One of which is automatic weighing pasta machine.  Ha ha. Every girls dream (next to shoes, world peace and a beach vacation) – so when I had the opportunity to work with Philips on a National Campaign and make new recipes – I JUMPED at the chance.

What the deal?

This machine makes fresh pasta in 15 (less in most cases) – and it ain’t lying.  I’ve been flying all over Canada, experimenting with it (also great recipes in booklet too) and it’s a great addition to any home cooks kitchen.

*PAY attention to the time in the corner…

I was cooking for my girlfriend and came up with a new recipe in my brain and it worked out really nicely – especially in part of FRESH pasta.

Turned machine on and have my flour ready to go.

Flour in and about to AUTO measure my liquid. (I used turmeric, carrot, beef juice) and one egg.





As you can see – it’s quite simple.  And the combinations are endless! We’ve done pastas  with beet juice for vibrant red pasta (and extra nutrition), carrot and spinach juice.  Also squid ink for a food show which gave us sexy black pasta – and can also make rice flour noodles for Pho, soups and stirfry’s.  Spelt noodles, gluten free, etc etc.

rbnBONUS: Super easy to clean, you control what you’re putting into your foods,  fresh pasta in 15 minutes – so blitzing a quick pesto or sauce, adding a ton of vegetables and clean proteins makes dinner a breeze, especially if you’re a busy family!

We would never dream of leaving you without a recipe! Was dreaming of this combination in my head and made it…. VOILA AND it worked.




Autumn Turmeric Pasta with Butternut Squash, Arugula and Curry Cream.



185 g rice flour

60 g arrowroot flour

5 g xantham gum (found in most bulk shops)

1 large egg + turmeric, carrot and beet juice = 95 ml (wet liquid)


1/2 cup soaked raw cashews

3/4 cup warm water

1 teaspoon organic curry powder

1 teaspoon maple syrup

1/2 teaspoon chili flakes **optional


1 butternut squash, seeded and cut into cubes

1 cup arugula

1/2 cup cherry tomatoes, quartered

Olive oil


TO DO: Preheat oven to 375.  Toss squash in olive oil and a bit of sea salt.  Arrange on lined baking sheet.  Cook until soft and lightly golden, roughly 20-30 minutes (pending on oven strength).  P: Mix together all dry ingredients in a medium bowl.  Measure into the “pasta” cup.  Whisk egg and juice together (can be just carrot, or beet (red) or water too) measuring 95 ml (in liquid cup).   Make pasta according to booklet and our handy videos.  Boil a large pot of water, once boiling heavily salt (sea salt always).  Set aside for the moment.  Sauce: Literally blitz everything together and taste.  Season further based on your taste buds.  Once squash is cooked, cook pasta for 4-6 minutes (al dente).  Drain and throw back into pot.  Add in 1/3 sauce, tomatoes, squash and mix well.  Serve on plates with a smear of sauce and finish with fresh pepper and arugula.   VOILA.  To make vegan omit egg.  Also would work well with roasted chicken to bulk up the protein content.

Best part of this is the ease and the versatility once you nail down this recipe! 

Happy cooking and currently images aren’t uploading so will update with finished image asap.   HA ha technology xox








It’s no secret that everyone is BUSY.  Everyone has too much on their plate.   Life is hard and just when it seems to be going your way – BOOM.  Something throws you for a loop.  And then on top of life things – being an entrepreneur carries a certain other weight and stress that comes with working for yourself.  

I myself have a couple companies – bought out of one.  Closed one.  Started a non-for-profit and also work with schools, charities, publications and some restaurants.  It can sometimes be bountiful af and sometimes you feel the financial stresses.  WELCOME to how to deal with life things.  OR RATHER HOW I DEAL.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m writing this on a plane – headed to the west coast for work (I’m grateful for every single opportunity ).  AND this is all IMO and is merely meant as some insight how I deal with the ups and downs of life and how not to lose your sh*t.

EVEN before I made the swap to Nutrition, Wellness and Culinary full time – back in my fashion days, I would meditate.   NOW NOW don’t eyeroll quite yet – meditation can be what you make it.  It can be guided (headspace is my fav), it can be silent, it can be you just taking 5-10 minutes listening to a favourite song.  To ME it’s about shutting down combined with being mindful.  Doesn’t have to be forced.  And when you find your thoughts trailing off, simply bring them back to focus.   Ten minutes of meditation (or even journaling) has proven clearer thoughts, decreased anxiety, positive overall mood and even better sleep.

RELATIONSHIPS.  This one is a doozy.  Especially professional ones that cross over into personal.   There’s always going to be the “mean girls” that talk shit about you,  copy you, insult you or put YOU down in order to make themselves feel better (I KNOW TOO MANY OF THESE).   How to handle – try to not get caught up.  Shrug it off.  Be the bigger person and keep some sort of professional & amicable relationship – SO VERY hard.  BUT IN the end it’s better than a public war or such.   I’m not perfect and there’s a few that make me doubt myself or literally go out of their way to belittle me in front of others – and hey F them.  Mean girls (boys) don’t get better people.  HA.  This is where “Kill them with kindness” comes to mind. 

Romantic RELATIONSHIPS.  It’s no secret I’ve had some relatively public breakups.  But my only tip here is to manage a friendship if able.  Especially if they’re in the same industry.  I mean you started as friends – and provided they weren’t toxic/abusive – with some TIME I’m certain there’s still a friendship lying within.   Plus they’re great for insight on what not to do in future relationships.  

What is the biggest STRUGGLE or the main topic of my closest friends and peers?  Can you guess.  Rhymes with schmoney.   Ha.  MONEY.  GREEN.   Sometimes the contracts and work are plentiful.  Then sometimes you have unexpected incurred costs (pets, breakups, a move, etc) and nothing gives an entrepreneur more STRESS than not knowing when your next gig is.   My advice.  Ride it out.  Look at your support group.  Nobody is going to let you struggle.  I’ve been on the receiving and giving sides of this.  I would give and do anything for family & friends (also family).  Odds are they would too.   

ASKING FOR HELP.   I’m the worst at this.  At times stretch myself too thin – work, friends, life.  AND it’s only when I’m drowning that I ask OR a dear friend offers a life line.   Not to get into all the details but a few good pals offered the most generous of generous solutions to a recent “life thing” and I’ve never been more proud or honoured to be a friend to these people and have them in my life.  IT’S okay to lean on people once in awhile.  It makes the hard times manageable.  

Know that THIS TOO SHALL PASS.  Death and taxes – two truths of life.  BUT the rest – jobs, love, arguments, truths, hardships –  ALL OF IT will pass.  And as cheesy and cliché as it is … YOU will be better and stronger on the other side of it.  I say this with authority as I have been through enough to know that this reigns true.  

Life is hard.  And beautiful.  And there’s beauty in each day.  The trick is adhering to the magical positive humans and things.  That’s it.  IMO

S/O to all of my lady squad & NL • AP • MDP for being the best boy squad a gal could ask for.   That offer meant the world to me.  ❤️



REAL TALK:  The power of lady soul mates and companionship.

I’m definitely not perfect.  Have made mistakes in friendship. Gave too little.  Gave too much.  Tried.  Then failed.  

And have had some trying and toxic friendships (and relationships) over the years.   It took many learning lessons and “trial and errors” over the last 20+ years to curate and build my squad (as the kids would say). BUT.  

WHY am I writing about this?   I see a lot of young women (and men) concerned with being cool and popular OVER being valued. Hoping this can offer some insight and maybe inspire a younger generation to opt for quality vs. quantity.

Building same sex friendships be it male, female what have you takes time.  I’ve done it all tbh:  the friend divorce, the toxic one, the judgemental ones, the uber competitive ones (watch for these – as they are super damaging) and the weird “single white female” stalker version. 

Building a friendship is similar to the relationship recipe.  There needs to be trust.  Kindness.  Value.  HONESTY.  Ridiculous silliness.  Strength.  Support.  And above all love.  I’ve also been fortunate to be blessed with old friends.  New.  And new that after 10-20 years aren’t that new.  The resounding theme is ….  acceptance and being on the same page.  Values align,  trust is built and you end up with a wicked amazing foundation that hopefully stands the test of time.

All of the love and SELFIES.

Similar to when I speak of relationships – friendships are similar.  Minus the sexual element they will become your life.  Pick you up.  Nurse the tough times.  Be strong when you’re unable.  Kick your a$$ when you need it.  And love you unconditionally.

Listen to your gut.  As when entering into a new romantic relationship – YOU know when there’s a connection,  when you are building a foundation and when it’s time to let go.

This is all in my opinion but over the last few years I’ve been able to NOURISH my old and most loved pals.  AND meet new wonderfully strong, independent and fierce  women that I trust with my life.

I wish you the same.  Female friends.  Male.  Anyone you can trust, help, love and grow with.  I hope your life includes a Kristy, Claudia, Mary Ann, Stacey, Dawn and Mallory.  TOTALLY JUST referenced The Babysitters Club.  (So good)

And then more. Xoxo

🙌🏼 (Kimberley, Cheryl, Andra, Michelle J, Michelle T, Kat x2, Joanna, Lauren, Trisha, Brig, Jords, Jas, Sarah M, Natalie, Caroline, Nawleen, Kristine, Meaghan, Kris and Alex <in no order of pref> in real life)

Have the best weekend and give your ladies a little squeeze or call this wknd and tell them how much you LOVE them.