Spotlight: Philips Counter top Airfryer and why I eat chips every week.

I’m a chip monster.  Like all chips.  Especially the root chips: taro, yam, beet etc and I prefer to make over purchasing.  So having fresh, crispy and salty chips is like the best.  And get this, I’m not deep frying in oil or baking them.  WHAT’S left – I’m AIRFRYING them in my cool Airfryer.

So a few months ago we did a cross Canada tour with Philips highlighting fun, healthy recipes using some of their best counter top appliances (see pasta machine) and this one was definitely a crowd and family favourite.  On tour I made countless things: Roasted vegetable skewers, GF brownies with zucchini, Fish, GF chicken wings, frites and more.  The main attraction and why people love it is that you get crispy and well cooked food without the addition of oils.  SO crispy wings that aren’t deep fried!

HOW: With their TurboStar rapid air technology, foods crisp and “fry” using lots of evenly distributed hot air.  Crispy on outside and moist inside.  The main basket is also large enough to prepare a meal for 4 and barely takes up any counter space.  Also with the click of a button it goes from being dirty to handwashed or dishwasher safe in minutes.  And take it from me, I hate things that are hard to clean – to the point where I won’t support or buy it.

There’s also a free APP with tons of recipes that you and your household can enjoy and with supervision this could be a fun way to get the mini humans involved in kitchen duty.

Here’s some highlights on how it works!

  • Easy to dial where you control temp and cooking time
  • With a few clicks, everything disassembles and ready to clean and re-use
  • Presets for fav dishes: Fries (frozen), wings, fish and meat.
  • Digital display for easy reading
  • Philips Airfryer app – so many tasty things!
  • Can work as dehydrator on low setting: Chips, dried vegetables and spices
  • Feel good about cooking with less to no oil added.





Easy to use and clean basket.  We also just made a quick batch of apple chips/crisps. Using your mandolin or slicing thinly.  Put into basket.  “Fry” at 375 for 12 minutes – check halfway and give a shake.  EAT.




1/2 sweet potato and 1/2 russet potato – sliced thin or using mandolin (BE CAREFUL)

1/2 teaspoon organic coconut oil

sea salt and pepper (cayenne is yummy too)

To do: Toss with oil and seasoning.  Place in basket.  Cook for 5 minute increments to make sure not to over cook.  Give basket a shake each time too, to allow chips to crisp/cook evenly.  Eat and dip.  THAT IS IT!


Email us as always with your questions or recipe wants!  xoxox



IN THE KITCHEN: How fresh pasta will change your life.  (Or at least make it better). 

Yes.  I eat carbs.

And my number one carb-y love is PASTA.  I rarely made from scratch and especially with being GF for the last 6 years – even less.

UNTIL I met Philips.   Ha ha.  Not a man – Philips – as in the brand.  Did you know they have a line of kitchen counter appliances?  Yup.  One of which is automatic weighing pasta machine.  Ha ha. Every girls dream (next to shoes, world peace and a beach vacation) – so when I had the opportunity to work with Philips on a National Campaign and make new recipes – I JUMPED at the chance.

What the deal?

This machine makes fresh pasta in 15 (less in most cases) – and it ain’t lying.  I’ve been flying all over Canada, experimenting with it (also great recipes in booklet too) and it’s a great addition to any home cooks kitchen.

*PAY attention to the time in the corner…

I was cooking for my girlfriend and came up with a new recipe in my brain and it worked out really nicely – especially in part of FRESH pasta.

Turned machine on and have my flour ready to go.

Flour in and about to AUTO measure my liquid. (I used turmeric, carrot, beef juice) and one egg.





As you can see – it’s quite simple.  And the combinations are endless! We’ve done pastas  with beet juice for vibrant red pasta (and extra nutrition), carrot and spinach juice.  Also squid ink for a food show which gave us sexy black pasta – and can also make rice flour noodles for Pho, soups and stirfry’s.  Spelt noodles, gluten free, etc etc.

rbnBONUS: Super easy to clean, you control what you’re putting into your foods,  fresh pasta in 15 minutes – so blitzing a quick pesto or sauce, adding a ton of vegetables and clean proteins makes dinner a breeze, especially if you’re a busy family!

We would never dream of leaving you without a recipe! Was dreaming of this combination in my head and made it…. VOILA AND it worked.




Autumn Turmeric Pasta with Butternut Squash, Arugula and Curry Cream.



185 g rice flour

60 g arrowroot flour

5 g xantham gum (found in most bulk shops)

1 large egg + turmeric, carrot and beet juice = 95 ml (wet liquid)


1/2 cup soaked raw cashews

3/4 cup warm water

1 teaspoon organic curry powder

1 teaspoon maple syrup

1/2 teaspoon chili flakes **optional


1 butternut squash, seeded and cut into cubes

1 cup arugula

1/2 cup cherry tomatoes, quartered

Olive oil


TO DO: Preheat oven to 375.  Toss squash in olive oil and a bit of sea salt.  Arrange on lined baking sheet.  Cook until soft and lightly golden, roughly 20-30 minutes (pending on oven strength).  P: Mix together all dry ingredients in a medium bowl.  Measure into the “pasta” cup.  Whisk egg and juice together (can be just carrot, or beet (red) or water too) measuring 95 ml (in liquid cup).   Make pasta according to booklet and our handy videos.  Boil a large pot of water, once boiling heavily salt (sea salt always).  Set aside for the moment.  Sauce: Literally blitz everything together and taste.  Season further based on your taste buds.  Once squash is cooked, cook pasta for 4-6 minutes (al dente).  Drain and throw back into pot.  Add in 1/3 sauce, tomatoes, squash and mix well.  Serve on plates with a smear of sauce and finish with fresh pepper and arugula.   VOILA.  To make vegan omit egg.  Also would work well with roasted chicken to bulk up the protein content.

Best part of this is the ease and the versatility once you nail down this recipe! 

Happy cooking and currently images aren’t uploading so will update with finished image asap.   HA ha technology xox








It’s no secret that everyone is BUSY.  Everyone has too much on their plate.   Life is hard and just when it seems to be going your way – BOOM.  Something throws you for a loop.  And then on top of life things – being an entrepreneur carries a certain other weight and stress that comes with working for yourself.  

I myself have a couple companies – bought out of one.  Closed one.  Started a non-for-profit and also work with schools, charities, publications and some restaurants.  It can sometimes be bountiful af and sometimes you feel the financial stresses.  WELCOME to how to deal with life things.  OR RATHER HOW I DEAL.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m writing this on a plane – headed to the west coast for work (I’m grateful for every single opportunity ).  AND this is all IMO and is merely meant as some insight how I deal with the ups and downs of life and how not to lose your sh*t.

EVEN before I made the swap to Nutrition, Wellness and Culinary full time – back in my fashion days, I would meditate.   NOW NOW don’t eyeroll quite yet – meditation can be what you make it.  It can be guided (headspace is my fav), it can be silent, it can be you just taking 5-10 minutes listening to a favourite song.  To ME it’s about shutting down combined with being mindful.  Doesn’t have to be forced.  And when you find your thoughts trailing off, simply bring them back to focus.   Ten minutes of meditation (or even journaling) has proven clearer thoughts, decreased anxiety, positive overall mood and even better sleep.

RELATIONSHIPS.  This one is a doozy.  Especially professional ones that cross over into personal.   There’s always going to be the “mean girls” that talk shit about you,  copy you, insult you or put YOU down in order to make themselves feel better (I KNOW TOO MANY OF THESE).   How to handle – try to not get caught up.  Shrug it off.  Be the bigger person and keep some sort of professional & amicable relationship – SO VERY hard.  BUT IN the end it’s better than a public war or such.   I’m not perfect and there’s a few that make me doubt myself or literally go out of their way to belittle me in front of others – and hey F them.  Mean girls (boys) don’t get better people.  HA.  This is where “Kill them with kindness” comes to mind. 

Romantic RELATIONSHIPS.  It’s no secret I’ve had some relatively public breakups.  But my only tip here is to manage a friendship if able.  Especially if they’re in the same industry.  I mean you started as friends – and provided they weren’t toxic/abusive – with some TIME I’m certain there’s still a friendship lying within.   Plus they’re great for insight on what not to do in future relationships.  

What is the biggest STRUGGLE or the main topic of my closest friends and peers?  Can you guess.  Rhymes with schmoney.   Ha.  MONEY.  GREEN.   Sometimes the contracts and work are plentiful.  Then sometimes you have unexpected incurred costs (pets, breakups, a move, etc) and nothing gives an entrepreneur more STRESS than not knowing when your next gig is.   My advice.  Ride it out.  Look at your support group.  Nobody is going to let you struggle.  I’ve been on the receiving and giving sides of this.  I would give and do anything for family & friends (also family).  Odds are they would too.   

ASKING FOR HELP.   I’m the worst at this.  At times stretch myself too thin – work, friends, life.  AND it’s only when I’m drowning that I ask OR a dear friend offers a life line.   Not to get into all the details but a few good pals offered the most generous of generous solutions to a recent “life thing” and I’ve never been more proud or honoured to be a friend to these people and have them in my life.  IT’S okay to lean on people once in awhile.  It makes the hard times manageable.  

Know that THIS TOO SHALL PASS.  Death and taxes – two truths of life.  BUT the rest – jobs, love, arguments, truths, hardships –  ALL OF IT will pass.  And as cheesy and cliché as it is … YOU will be better and stronger on the other side of it.  I say this with authority as I have been through enough to know that this reigns true.  

Life is hard.  And beautiful.  And there’s beauty in each day.  The trick is adhering to the magical positive humans and things.  That’s it.  IMO

S/O to all of my lady squad & NL • AP • MDP for being the best boy squad a gal could ask for.   That offer meant the world to me.  ❤️



REAL TALK:  The power of lady soul mates and companionship.

I’m definitely not perfect.  Have made mistakes in friendship. Gave too little.  Gave too much.  Tried.  Then failed.  

And have had some trying and toxic friendships (and relationships) over the years.   It took many learning lessons and “trial and errors” over the last 20+ years to curate and build my squad (as the kids would say). BUT.  

WHY am I writing about this?   I see a lot of young women (and men) concerned with being cool and popular OVER being valued. Hoping this can offer some insight and maybe inspire a younger generation to opt for quality vs. quantity.

Building same sex friendships be it male, female what have you takes time.  I’ve done it all tbh:  the friend divorce, the toxic one, the judgemental ones, the uber competitive ones (watch for these – as they are super damaging) and the weird “single white female” stalker version. 

Building a friendship is similar to the relationship recipe.  There needs to be trust.  Kindness.  Value.  HONESTY.  Ridiculous silliness.  Strength.  Support.  And above all love.  I’ve also been fortunate to be blessed with old friends.  New.  And new that after 10-20 years aren’t that new.  The resounding theme is ….  acceptance and being on the same page.  Values align,  trust is built and you end up with a wicked amazing foundation that hopefully stands the test of time.

All of the love and SELFIES.

Similar to when I speak of relationships – friendships are similar.  Minus the sexual element they will become your life.  Pick you up.  Nurse the tough times.  Be strong when you’re unable.  Kick your a$$ when you need it.  And love you unconditionally.

Listen to your gut.  As when entering into a new romantic relationship – YOU know when there’s a connection,  when you are building a foundation and when it’s time to let go.

This is all in my opinion but over the last few years I’ve been able to NOURISH my old and most loved pals.  AND meet new wonderfully strong, independent and fierce  women that I trust with my life.

I wish you the same.  Female friends.  Male.  Anyone you can trust, help, love and grow with.  I hope your life includes a Kristy, Claudia, Mary Ann, Stacey, Dawn and Mallory.  TOTALLY JUST referenced The Babysitters Club.  (So good)

And then more. Xoxo

🙌🏼 (Kimberley, Cheryl, Andra, Michelle J, Michelle T, Kat x2, Joanna, Lauren, Trisha, Brig, Jords, Jas, Sarah M, Natalie, Caroline, Nawleen, Kristine, Meaghan, Kris and Alex <in no order of pref> in real life)

Have the best weekend and give your ladies a little squeeze or call this wknd and tell them how much you LOVE them.


REAL TALK: Why I am single and waiting for a true partner in crime. (Not real crime)

So usually I write of lighter things (food, fitness, wellness, biz) or science/health things (body, disease, skincare) so this is a little off the map for me.

Because my work life is so public as media, hosting, social and events, this makes me even more protective of my personal life.  And with my schedule its easier to not date than to date.

As of late I’ve had a lot in inquiry into my dating life, people still asking me if I’m still with an ex (because I’m sneaky when we break up), why I’m not married and wondering if I get lonely?

Truth be told I don’t think I’m great at dating – I’m great in a long term relationship or single working woman (reads: workaholic)!  The last few months I’ve done a lot of contemplating what it means to be single and my opinion as a woman in her 30’s in Toronto.




AM I afraid of commitment?  Etc etc.  Okay so I guess this will be a tad vulnerable for me but in hopes that other women (and men) who are entrepreneurs (or any demanding and busy af workplace) and feel the pressures to pair up with someone.  And just IMO what I’ve figured out in my 20+ years of dating (oh gawd).


 TRUTH:  I love being in a relationship.  I’m a better person in it.  I’m caring, attentive and supportive.  I actually take better care of myself (sometimes) in it.  I’ve dating some amazing people (still pals) and some not so nice and they’ve all shaped me into the human I am now.  Treat each person with gratitude.  Good, bad and horrible – they will shape you, teach you, show your different versions of love and how to love.  Oh life things.

WANT vs. NEED:  The more I snuggled into my 30’s the less it was about need, and finding more want.  I was more secure, independent, confident and able to love someone properly.  Reality was that of the three long term relationships I’ve had, I’ve learned but none were an actually partnership.  One was what I thought the love of my life for truthfully on and off (in between other relationships) for 15 years.  YIKES.  He is an amazing person, but I grew out of him and didn’t want to admit it.  The other two – one I stayed too long and he was abusive, toxic and I lost myself for awhile.  The latter was a true gent through and through – but we weren’t destined to be.  Once you figure what you want, need and DON’T WANT – I promise you its an incredible tool.  Downside it can take years to figure it out and its always a learning curve.


PRESSURE:  The pressure to procreate, marry, be the house wife, quit your job (I’ve had it all) – it still surrounds us, I get traditions and such but I was never the “fantasize about the big wedding” type of girl.  Travel, work, school all these came first… I have been close a few times but left them before it was too late for both of us.  DO NOT APOLOGIZE if you would rather hit the ground running, travel for life, date all of the people or what not.  Only you can be you, and no person has the power or right to box you into some archaic “box” or presumed notion of what a woman ( or man) should be.

WHAT I WANT: Ha ha so I am currently single.  Looking for more balance and a partner.  In family and friends I am surrounded by the most amazing people – MEN wtf.  I have some doozies – either on dates, creepers, randoms, you name it.  Where are all the single, kind, hilarious, can dress themselves MEN hiding in the city.  I mean I’ve dated a New Yorker because it was easy, he was available and looking to build a life (mind you he ended up a sociopath – and there are 3 girls that know who this is. LOL).  I digress here is my list (and many other fierce single women I know) , and I don’t think I’m asking for a miracle:

  • Kind hearted & family guy (kids are fine).  A little sweet.  Not sickeningly so, but a nice sweet guy that will make me coffee in bed when its -35 sort of thing.
  • Genuine.  A real man that is the same guy with different people, crowds, events etc.
  • Hilarious.  I mean looks do initiate but laughter is forever (we hope).  I think I’m pretty funny myself so consider yourself lucky!
  • Independent: I’m pretty busy most days and until we are a thing, work and friends/fam will come first.  I’ve experienced needy and jealous types where they make me feel shitty about work and goals.  Keep moving.
  • BONUSES: Likes food, travel, cheesy movies, pizza, can dress himself for different events and happenings, understands my quirks.  Oh and can call me out on my shit.**

 LONELY:  I often get asked “Am I lonely?”.  My truth. Of course.  It’s human nature to pair off with someone.  I’m very fortunate for all that I have, but yes sometimes it would be nice to have a dinner date (not just a pal or 3rd wheel) or come home to someone after a long day of work*.  (*means netflix and rub my feet)

HOW TO BE SINGLE IN THE CITY:  (IMO) Myself (and pals) tend to date older and men keep dating younger so I guess that works atm.  The pressures are tough though: be thin, be funny, be successful (but not too much or busy), etc etc.  ITS HARD AF.  Plus we have to think about safety – sexual and environment, being drugged, raped, we always have to have 1007 things on our brains for one date.  SO here’s what I’ve learned and will keep applying until I find someone to share my life with:  BE SAFE.  GO with your gut.  You want to leave a date 1/2 way through.  Do it.  Be kind.  Be open to new people.  Don’t settle on a type.  Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about your work hours, friends, life WHATEVER.  BE YOU.   Have lady dates.  Kill your goals.  As they say “people come into your life when you’re not looking”.   I mean its not rocket science but hey maybe it helps to hear it from a neutral source (me).


LADY DATES:  Keep them often, don’t break them even for a boy, nurture them.  They are your true soul mates. 

Not sure if this helped or if anyone will actually read this one.  Should I throw a recipe in for good measure?  Questions?  TIPS?  You know how to reach us!

Happy long weekend to my fellow Canadians and to everyone else xoxo

*Some may say I didn’t address the topic of children – OH that’s a whole other blog 🙂

self love

SPOTLIGHT: New West Queen West Metro is now OPEN!

We’re always in support of new community and neighbourhood happenings, so when we were approached to work with Metro and one of Toronto’s coolest agencies Rock-It Promo we OBVS said Heck YES!

So pretty. And modern. WQW Graffiti

When you walkin you’re greeted by beautiful murals and images that include neighborhood traits that only queen west has!

  •  A great addition to the neighbourhood and literally 100 steps from my 🏡 – is sure to make this a WQW destination for shopping. With tons of fresh and organic options too!
  • Their SEAFOOD line-up is impressive, following sustainable and mostly wild guidelines – @metroontario is making a statement and movement into quality of our proteins and what we’re putting into our bods. As well as taking care of eco systems (wild) and being conscious of fish and where it comes from.

  • In keeping with 100 KM policy – majority of their proteins (lamb, veal, poultry) is within or just outside city limits. Ontario product is a plus, as you can learn about your farmers and feel good about supporting local.
  • JUICE: Fresh juices made daily onsite (near the produce entry) : A greens (spinach, greens and pineapple), a beet and a strawberry that we’ve been eyeing up!

  • GLUTEN FREE: GF living didn’t not go unnoticed in this launch – there’s a huge fresh and frozen lineup of quality and clean products that we ❤️ and have worked with in the past! So good for us!  Including LITTLE NORTHERN BAKEHOUSE AND DUFFLET DESSERTS.

  •  VALUE ADDED: Within the same building there’s local artists being featured, a wine store (WE haven’t had enough time in there yet), you can purchase local craft beers in-store (@metroontario) and a Starbucks to boot.
  • STAFF:  The staff and specialists are so informed and kind it makes retail/grocery shopping nice again.   We love talking to people while we shop which is why we love markets so much!
  • THE PRICE IS RIGHT: We have no problem paying for quality products BUT hate how expensive things can be.  They’re rally fair with their pricing and the quality is definitely there.
  • WE ARE REALLY excited to do more work with them and cannot wait to hear what you think!  Tag us and email us with your thoughts or if you have any questions!!


OUR “WE ❤️ METRO” TOASTS: Who isn’t on the toasts bandwagon??  WE love making them and creating!!

2 pieces of gluten free bread

1 avocado, halved and cut

1 chunk of blue cheese

1 fillet of in-house smoked salmon

1 egg (large and free-range)

*** all things bought at Metro!

To do:  Toast bread.  Arrange salmon, fanned out avocado and garnish with lemon and chilis. 

Boil egg for 4 minutes.  Cool.  Sprinkle with blue cheese.  Garnish with tomatoes!

Easy and perfect brunch, lunch or dinner!
Love always


IN THE KITCHEN:  Why we MATCHA and our favourite latté recipe!

MATCHA MATCHA MATCHA!  Once you matcha you’ll never go back – it’s everywhere and not only is super good for YOU, it’s also super easy to incorporate into your life.

Here’s the coles notes on why and what matcha is:

MATCHA: A specially grown and processed green tea . It is special in two aspects of farming and processing: the green tea plants for matcha are shade-grown for about three weeks before harvest, and the stems and veins are removed in processing. This combination and this process leave you feeling calm yet energized feeling left on you and your bod.

SUPER POWERS: One of the major health benefits of matcha tea is that it delivers a mega dose of antioxidants in every sip. According to the latest innovation in antioxidant research, matcha is packed with exponentially more antioxidants than any other ‘superfood’!

DETOX BENEFITS: Green is truly the color of health. Matcha helps to safely cleanse and purge the body of harmful elements. Chlorophyll the element that gives green tea and other plants their signature verdant color is also a powerful detoxifier, helping to eliminate both chemicals and heavy metals from the body. And because matcha is carefully shade-grown, it is substantially richer in chlorophyll than other green teas, making it a superior daily detox.

NO JITTERS:  Matcha drinkers have been known to have a balanced feeling of calming energy all day long.  No jitters, shakes similar to a caffeine buzz.  

As with anything natural that has healing and health powers – 1 or 2 lattés a day is the standard!   



2 small scoops of Within Us Matcha 

1 scoop of Within Us TruMarine Collagen (same link)

1 tablespoon of raw coconut oil

1 tablespoon coconut milk

1 teaspoon raw honey (or maple)

3/4 cup hot water

1/8 teaspoon vanilla* 


Prepare matcha according to instructions.  Blend with brush with a bit of water until no lumps.  Add in more water.  Once done throw all ingredients into blender/bullet/vitamix until frothy and light green.   Drink up and enjoy all the health and wellness benefits.   Oh and sexy delicious!  Yay for green and health!!!



As you may remember a few weeks back we were part of a spring salad celebration with Joyous Health aka:  Joy McCarthy!

We decided to get some babes again and do Spring smoothie swap! 

First up – one of our favourites at RBN – it reminds us of being in Central America – where we gorge ourselves on fresh fruit especially white pineapple (yes that’s a thing – a tad firmer and less sweet).  This little beauty is super easy, fresh and highly addictive! 

Pina Colada Smoothie

1/2 cup pineapple

1 small chunk ginger

1/4 cashews, raw

1/2 teaspoon vanilla

1 teaspoon bee pollen

1 tablespoon coconut oil

1/2 cup coconut milk 

Water* to thin out

To do:  Chop ginger and pineapple for easier blending.  Add in all ingredients and cover with milk and water (enough to blend smoothly).  Drink and picture those waves rolling in!  Tastes like summer and super great for you!

BROMELAIN:  Active enzyme in pineapple that is super anti-inflammatory and great after a surgery.  Because it’s an enzyme that digests proteins it’s also great for digestive issues.  

BEE POLLEN: Bee pollen is the food of the young bee and it is approximately 40% protein. It is considered one of nature’s most nourishing foods. About half of its protein is in the form of free amino acids that are ready to be used directly by the body.

COCONUT OIL: Okay we know how much I 💚 this guy!  Anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and great for gut health! 

GINGER: The rhizome (underground part of the stem) is the part commonly used as a spice. It’s a very powerful spice!  Great for indigestion, nausea, and colds and flu.  Also great for morning sickness – but always check with your doctor. 


Some of my favourite lady friends are sharing their spring smoothies too!

Joy McCarthy of Joyous Health (all things nutrition, food and lifestyle) shares her Chocolate and Beet SMOOTHIE bowl!

Superstar Nutritionist Rachel Molenda shares her Gut loving SMOOTHIE!

Gracie Carroll, super entrepreneur and The Chic Canuck founder goes crazy for her Glowing green SMOOTHIE!

Marni Wasserman – another super star nutritionist and author of Plant Based Diet & Fermenting for Dummies has us slowing down for her Slow down SMOOTHIE bowl!

Double Whammy comes from Becka Crowe from Going Grainless AND Rachel Molenda using Avocado as their base in this vibrant take on SMOOTHIE BOWLS

The stunning beauty Jasmine Baker behind For the Love of Food has us jumping for JOY with this beauty:

Cocoa the Jumping Monkey”

Smoothie Ingredients

1 banana

1 shot of brewed espresso or 1/2 cup of rich, string french press coffee

1 teaspoon of ghee or coconut oil

1 scoop of protein powder (I use hemp)

1 scoop collagen

1 Tablespoon of raw cocoa powder

1/4 cup of almonds (or any other nut that you prefer)

1 cup of coconut milk or any nut milk

fresh ice


1 teaspoon chia seeds 

1 teaspoon raw cocoa nibs

1/4 teaspoon cinnamon 

First combine your coffee and choice of oil (ghee or coconut oil) in blender so the oil can melt with the heat of the coffeeThen add all other smoothie ingredients into your blender and blend until smooth.Transfer into a tall glass and top with the above garnish.  Drink and go conquer the world!

***Repeat daily, as required 😉


Toronto’s sweetheart Michelle Jobin goes stylish with her aptly named The Greenery (Pantone colour for 2017)!

Mmmmm I don’t know about you guys but we’re excited to try a of these!  As always tag us in your posts and share share SHARE!


rb and crew 💜

BODY TALK: THE LIVER and why we must LOVE IT.

Happy Monday-like Tuesday !

For those of you who don’t know…

I have been on a fairly strict yet fair detox the last week and it has me feeling fine!

What does have to do with our LIVERS? Well week one was all about detoxing our colons, which is essential to begin a cleanse.  Week two now is starting off and dedicated to detoxing liver – using a curated tea made by DETOX PASSPORT with whom we are working with!


To bring this all back it reminded me of school (days of metabolic pathways) and HOW much we focused on the importance & health of our organs and keeping OUR insides healthy and optimal too!  You can be fit on the exterior but we also have to upkeep our insides as well..

The LIVE-R is such an intricate part of our bodies and functioning system, responsible for all of our metabolic processes including:

  • Fat metabolism: Active in oxidizing triglycerides to produce energy.  The liver breaks down many more fatty acids that we need.
  • Major site for converting excess carbohydrates and proteins into fatty acids and triglycerides which are then exported and stored in adipose (fatty tissue).
  • Bile production and excretion.
  • Excretion of cholesterol, HORMONES and drugs.
  • Storage of glycogen, vitamins and minerals.
  • Blood detoxification and purification



SO – all very science-y and as not to bore you with (if you want more info ask me because I’m actually a super nerd and LOVE talking science, chem, biology…)

BUT this leads ME to HOW can we take extra good care of our LIVERS so our insides perform well!

FOODS: Eating these LIVER cleansing foods will help your liver thrive naturally –

  1. GARLIC: Helps activate liver enzymes that flush out toxins.  And delicious.  Make sure whomever you’re smooching eats it to so nobody notices “garlic breath”.
  2. GRAPEFRUIT:  One of my all time favourite fruits and due to vitamin C levels helps the natural cleansing abilities of our livers.  Also lemon, oranges and limes.
  3. BEETS: These gems can stimulate and support overall liver functions due to the high levels of flavanoids.
  4. DARK GREENS (the darker the better): The natural occurring chlorophyll in greens soak up environmental toxins from our blood streams, which makes spinach, kale, collards and dandelion powerful allies.  Boom.
  5. AVOCADOS: Like YOU needed another reason to eat them BUT here’s one – they help us produce glutathione, a compound necessary for our livers to cleanse toxins.



  1. MILK THISTLE: I’ve been using this myself and with clients for years – super powerful in removing toxins from liver and gall bladder.  Easy to find in cap form.
  2. ALPHA-LIPOIC ACID: Antioxidant that strengthens the livers ability to detox, also helps convert glucose into energy.
  3.  CHICORY TEA:  These cute blue flowers are an age old method of naturally cleansing the liver.  Also great for liver stones and gall bladder health.
  4. DANDELION ROOT:  Stimulates bile (good) flow from our livers and studies have linked to helping fight fatty liver disease and acne.
  5. TURMERIC: Yessss this nubby little tube is a superstar in our books (year of turmeric) and is a powerful liver protector and liver cell regenerator.  Tea, in juices or everything is great for this nutrient dense bomb!



  1. Movement and rubbing just above where your liver lies (just below diaphragm – upper right of abs).  Message gently.
  2. DRINKS:  Easing up on drinks and cocktails, perhaps having some water in between.  Its hard once patio season begins but you want to take care of this little guy.
  3. Incorporating all these tips and tricks into your body’s health and wellness is easy as pie!


ALSO WE HAVE A SPECIAL for those of you who want to DETOX with us and DETOX PASSPORT – Message me for more info!






Happy Thursday!

It’s a rainy little day BUT Saturday is going to be beautiful!  How beautiful?  Enough to take a little mini road trip to Dixie Outlet Mall and JOIN myself and some pals for…


1) Get Fit, Get Healthy, Get Noticed!
Saturday April 22 – 12:00pm-4:00pm
👠A three-tiered event starting with Diana Reyes – professional dancer and choreographer, aka Fly Lady Di – who will lead a one hour hip-hop dance class to Canadian superstar Drake’s international hit, One Dance.

🔪To follow, Rachel Bies, Whole Foods Chef & Holistic Nutritionist of RBN, and Nourish & Glow, will bust the 10 most common nutritional myths and teach guests how to make healthy raw and protein-filled snacks.

📲Closing out the day is Andrew Lovesey – Editor-in-Chief of Travel About and bonafide social media expert – who will lead the audience through a one-hour crash course on increasing exposure on Instagram and generating more engagement. To put learnings into action, participants will be challenged with exploring the shopping centre and posting their best picture for a chance to win a $100 Dixie Outlet Mall gift card!

Dance your ❤ out, learn how to make healthy snacks & get noticed on social media!

This Saturday from 12 – 4 PM we will be dazzling you and getting you ready for spring with new Dance/Kitchen/Social Media moves and it’s all to announce the brand spanking new DIXIE MALL LIVING ROOM!  A beautiful new and FREE space (yup freeeeeee) which is perfect for events, meetings, seminars …anything really!!

Here are the deets (as the kids say):

The Dixie Living Room is a 3,100- square foot, bright, open space with store front windows. The minimalist industrial décor lends itself to a wide range of functions. Available for short-term rentals or multi-day use, The Dixie Living Room comes equipped with free Wi-Fi, tables, chairs and light- weight movable wall dividers to transform the space to suit various uses. Considering a multitude of event types, the Living Room’s capacity can accommodate up to 100 standing guests within the space.  “We are a proud, supportive member of our community,”
says Jerry Pollard, Dixie Outlet Mall’s General Manager,

“And we are excited to offer a well-equipped and welcoming transitional space to those who may not otherwise have access to such a venue.”

Dixie Living Room bookings can be made at: HERE

Tickets are free here 👉🏼 TICKETS 💚

And don’t forget to say hello and tag us @thehealthybies and @dixieoutletmall on IG!

So grab a friend (with a car), call your girls (and guys) and come on out of the city for an afternoon with ME!