It’s no secret that everyone is BUSY.  Everyone has too much on their plate.   Life is hard and just when it seems to be going your way – BOOM.  Something throws you for a loop.  And then on top of life things – being an entrepreneur carries a certain other weight and stress that comes with working for yourself.  

I myself have a couple companies – bought out of one.  Closed one.  Started a non-for-profit and also work with schools, charities, publications and some restaurants.  It can sometimes be bountiful af and sometimes you feel the financial stresses.  WELCOME to how to deal with life things.  OR RATHER HOW I DEAL.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m writing this on a plane – headed to the west coast for work (I’m grateful for every single opportunity ).  AND this is all IMO and is merely meant as some insight how I deal with the ups and downs of life and how not to lose your sh*t.

EVEN before I made the swap to Nutrition, Wellness and Culinary full time – back in my fashion days, I would meditate.   NOW NOW don’t eyeroll quite yet – meditation can be what you make it.  It can be guided (headspace is my fav), it can be silent, it can be you just taking 5-10 minutes listening to a favourite song.  To ME it’s about shutting down combined with being mindful.  Doesn’t have to be forced.  And when you find your thoughts trailing off, simply bring them back to focus.   Ten minutes of meditation (or even journaling) has proven clearer thoughts, decreased anxiety, positive overall mood and even better sleep.

RELATIONSHIPS.  This one is a doozy.  Especially professional ones that cross over into personal.   There’s always going to be the “mean girls” that talk shit about you,  copy you, insult you or put YOU down in order to make themselves feel better (I KNOW TOO MANY OF THESE).   How to handle – try to not get caught up.  Shrug it off.  Be the bigger person and keep some sort of professional & amicable relationship – SO VERY hard.  BUT IN the end it’s better than a public war or such.   I’m not perfect and there’s a few that make me doubt myself or literally go out of their way to belittle me in front of others – and hey F them.  Mean girls (boys) don’t get better people.  HA.  This is where “Kill them with kindness” comes to mind. 

Romantic RELATIONSHIPS.  It’s no secret I’ve had some relatively public breakups.  But my only tip here is to manage a friendship if able.  Especially if they’re in the same industry.  I mean you started as friends – and provided they weren’t toxic/abusive – with some TIME I’m certain there’s still a friendship lying within.   Plus they’re great for insight on what not to do in future relationships.  

What is the biggest STRUGGLE or the main topic of my closest friends and peers?  Can you guess.  Rhymes with schmoney.   Ha.  MONEY.  GREEN.   Sometimes the contracts and work are plentiful.  Then sometimes you have unexpected incurred costs (pets, breakups, a move, etc) and nothing gives an entrepreneur more STRESS than not knowing when your next gig is.   My advice.  Ride it out.  Look at your support group.  Nobody is going to let you struggle.  I’ve been on the receiving and giving sides of this.  I would give and do anything for family & friends (also family).  Odds are they would too.   

ASKING FOR HELP.   I’m the worst at this.  At times stretch myself too thin – work, friends, life.  AND it’s only when I’m drowning that I ask OR a dear friend offers a life line.   Not to get into all the details but a few good pals offered the most generous of generous solutions to a recent “life thing” and I’ve never been more proud or honoured to be a friend to these people and have them in my life.  IT’S okay to lean on people once in awhile.  It makes the hard times manageable.  

Know that THIS TOO SHALL PASS.  Death and taxes – two truths of life.  BUT the rest – jobs, love, arguments, truths, hardships –  ALL OF IT will pass.  And as cheesy and cliché as it is … YOU will be better and stronger on the other side of it.  I say this with authority as I have been through enough to know that this reigns true.  

Life is hard.  And beautiful.  And there’s beauty in each day.  The trick is adhering to the magical positive humans and things.  That’s it.  IMO

S/O to all of my lady squad & NL • AP • MDP for being the best boy squad a gal could ask for.   That offer meant the world to me.  ❤️




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