SPOTLIGHT: New West Queen West Metro is now OPEN!

We’re always in support of new community and neighbourhood happenings, so when we were approached to work with Metro and one of Toronto’s coolest agencies Rock-It Promo we OBVS said Heck YES!

So pretty. And modern. WQW Graffiti

When you walkin you’re greeted by beautiful murals and images that include neighborhood traits that only queen west has!

  •  A great addition to the neighbourhood and literally 100 steps from my 🏡 – is sure to make this a WQW destination for shopping. With tons of fresh and organic options too!
  • Their SEAFOOD line-up is impressive, following sustainable and mostly wild guidelines – @metroontario is making a statement and movement into quality of our proteins and what we’re putting into our bods. As well as taking care of eco systems (wild) and being conscious of fish and where it comes from.

  • In keeping with 100 KM policy – majority of their proteins (lamb, veal, poultry) is within or just outside city limits. Ontario product is a plus, as you can learn about your farmers and feel good about supporting local.
  • JUICE: Fresh juices made daily onsite (near the produce entry) : A greens (spinach, greens and pineapple), a beet and a strawberry that we’ve been eyeing up!

  • GLUTEN FREE: GF living didn’t not go unnoticed in this launch – there’s a huge fresh and frozen lineup of quality and clean products that we ❤️ and have worked with in the past! So good for us!  Including LITTLE NORTHERN BAKEHOUSE AND DUFFLET DESSERTS.

  •  VALUE ADDED: Within the same building there’s local artists being featured, a wine store (WE haven’t had enough time in there yet), you can purchase local craft beers in-store (@metroontario) and a Starbucks to boot.
  • STAFF:  The staff and specialists are so informed and kind it makes retail/grocery shopping nice again.   We love talking to people while we shop which is why we love markets so much!
  • THE PRICE IS RIGHT: We have no problem paying for quality products BUT hate how expensive things can be.  They’re rally fair with their pricing and the quality is definitely there.
  • WE ARE REALLY excited to do more work with them and cannot wait to hear what you think!  Tag us and email us with your thoughts or if you have any questions!!


OUR “WE ❤️ METRO” TOASTS: Who isn’t on the toasts bandwagon??  WE love making them and creating!!

2 pieces of gluten free bread

1 avocado, halved and cut

1 chunk of blue cheese

1 fillet of in-house smoked salmon

1 egg (large and free-range)

*** all things bought at Metro!

To do:  Toast bread.  Arrange salmon, fanned out avocado and garnish with lemon and chilis. 

Boil egg for 4 minutes.  Cool.  Sprinkle with blue cheese.  Garnish with tomatoes!

Easy and perfect brunch, lunch or dinner!
Love always



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