BODY TALK: THE LIVER and why we must LOVE IT.

Happy Monday-like Tuesday !

For those of you who don’t know…

I have been on a fairly strict yet fair detox the last week and it has me feeling fine!

What does have to do with our LIVERS? Well week one was all about detoxing our colons, which is essential to begin a cleanse.  Week two now is starting off and dedicated to detoxing liver – using a curated tea made by DETOX PASSPORT with whom we are working with!


To bring this all back it reminded me of school (days of metabolic pathways) and HOW much we focused on the importance & health of our organs and keeping OUR insides healthy and optimal too!  You can be fit on the exterior but we also have to upkeep our insides as well..

The LIVE-R is such an intricate part of our bodies and functioning system, responsible for all of our metabolic processes including:

  • Fat metabolism: Active in oxidizing triglycerides to produce energy.  The liver breaks down many more fatty acids that we need.
  • Major site for converting excess carbohydrates and proteins into fatty acids and triglycerides which are then exported and stored in adipose (fatty tissue).
  • Bile production and excretion.
  • Excretion of cholesterol, HORMONES and drugs.
  • Storage of glycogen, vitamins and minerals.
  • Blood detoxification and purification



SO – all very science-y and as not to bore you with (if you want more info ask me because I’m actually a super nerd and LOVE talking science, chem, biology…)

BUT this leads ME to HOW can we take extra good care of our LIVERS so our insides perform well!

FOODS: Eating these LIVER cleansing foods will help your liver thrive naturally –

  1. GARLIC: Helps activate liver enzymes that flush out toxins.  And delicious.  Make sure whomever you’re smooching eats it to so nobody notices “garlic breath”.
  2. GRAPEFRUIT:  One of my all time favourite fruits and due to vitamin C levels helps the natural cleansing abilities of our livers.  Also lemon, oranges and limes.
  3. BEETS: These gems can stimulate and support overall liver functions due to the high levels of flavanoids.
  4. DARK GREENS (the darker the better): The natural occurring chlorophyll in greens soak up environmental toxins from our blood streams, which makes spinach, kale, collards and dandelion powerful allies.  Boom.
  5. AVOCADOS: Like YOU needed another reason to eat them BUT here’s one – they help us produce glutathione, a compound necessary for our livers to cleanse toxins.



  1. MILK THISTLE: I’ve been using this myself and with clients for years – super powerful in removing toxins from liver and gall bladder.  Easy to find in cap form.
  2. ALPHA-LIPOIC ACID: Antioxidant that strengthens the livers ability to detox, also helps convert glucose into energy.
  3.  CHICORY TEA:  These cute blue flowers are an age old method of naturally cleansing the liver.  Also great for liver stones and gall bladder health.
  4. DANDELION ROOT:  Stimulates bile (good) flow from our livers and studies have linked to helping fight fatty liver disease and acne.
  5. TURMERIC: Yessss this nubby little tube is a superstar in our books (year of turmeric) and is a powerful liver protector and liver cell regenerator.  Tea, in juices or everything is great for this nutrient dense bomb!



  1. Movement and rubbing just above where your liver lies (just below diaphragm – upper right of abs).  Message gently.
  2. DRINKS:  Easing up on drinks and cocktails, perhaps having some water in between.  Its hard once patio season begins but you want to take care of this little guy.
  3. Incorporating all these tips and tricks into your body’s health and wellness is easy as pie!


ALSO WE HAVE A SPECIAL for those of you who want to DETOX with us and DETOX PASSPORT – Message me for more info!






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