TRAVEL: How to pack for an outdoor adventure (when you’re NOT the most outdoorsy)!

Bonjour mes amies!!!  I am writing this with a big ol’ smile on my face!  Why???  Because in less than 24 hours I am off to the cottage.  Mind you this is no ordinary cottage – its a mix of high brow and minimalist.  Example: Chefs kitchen BUT everything is solar powered so you have to be careful and mindful of usage.  Anyway.. poor me haha.  Okay the actual point of this article to help you prep for minimalist living for a few days when lets be honest you are into “glamping” over deep rooted outdoorsy-ness.

That being said in my youth I was known to scour, portage and travel at one point in time.  LOL.

KITCHEN:  Being a gluten-free lady packing things that I can’t rely on others to have are essential.  Especially because I tend to snack a lot when outdoors. Crackers, rice cakes, quinoa & rice, cereal, granola and pasta are my go-to’s.  Great stuff for easy meals when you want to be outside all the time.


Outdoorsy Rach!


BATHROOM: This is where I actually become super minimal.  I bring a face wash and oil from my pals, natural toothpaste and bug spray made with lavender.  Dry shampoo, band aids, dandelion tea and aloe plant (comes with me everywhere!).  Natural bronzer from our pals Sudsatorium (prepare for a fun collab soon)!

CLOTHING: It’s all about the layers people.  I’m bringing one pair of jeans (ripped and adorable), leggings (staple), tanks, tee’s and a few light knit sweater for layering.  Workout gear for hikes and morning yoga.  Swim suit – brrrr hope the water has warmed up.

MISCELLANEOUS: The fun stuff – colouring books, book, mags, cards, board games, recipe books, sleep mask, camera – so many sunrise and sunset opps.  OH and all of the food pictures.

Above all pack an open MIND.  Be mindful, appreciative, grateful and unplug!  Talk, make eye contact, laugh and SLEEP IN!  Yay.” -R. Bies

I hope this helps! Oh dear COCONUT OIL – I always bring a big jar – toothpast, disinfectant, deo, shaving cream, lip chap, and 1000 other things!

Happy wknd everyone and follow us on Instagram for our Georgian Bay cottage & outdoor adventures!


Happy weekend from this little guy!

Hope I see a bear! grrrrrr.



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