LIFESTYLE: How to adapt to a #glutenfree lifestyle without feeling helpless!

Gluten-free living is NOT the end of the world – I promise you! I’ve been living GF for over 6 years and I don’t miss much.  Plus bonus if you’re just starting out, the market, products and awareness is far better!  When I first started there was only a few edible items and most things were so heavily processed (we still try to avoid this!) that made it impossible to buy and adhere to this way of life.

So you are either celiac, gluten intolerant (I am but am scared to take celiac test) or just trying to reduce gluten/wheat in your life.  Either way here are some easy peasy tips we’ve learned over the years…

  1. READ the ingredients!  There is so many hidden terms and ways that gluten can sneak up on you (and your digestive tract) that you need to do the work.  Click here for a more detailed list.  Barley, rye, spelt and semolina are all sources of gluten.  Beware.
  2. One of my go-to’s to eliminate gluten and processed foods is to shop the perimeter of your grocery store or market.  Clean proteins, dairy, fruits and veg and almost 99% on the outside.  So if you avoid most of the internal isles then BAM, less crap for your and your allergens.
  3. COOK baby cook!  When you shop, prep and cook for yourself then you 100% know whats in your food.  Plus it saves money, its super fun and gives you great photos and a new skill.
  4. Read up.  There are so many great resources and tools out there now.  Great cookbooks, apps and everything in between.  Check out our Instagram for 100% gluten free ideas.
  5. Learn to ask questions – YOU may feel like you’re imposing but don’t.  Always ask your server, grocerer, butcher etc whats in their sauces, soups, marinades to avoid getting “gluttoned” by accident.  You may be shy at first but trust me, its such a common thing that nobody will judge you!
  6. If you can’t pronounce it – DO NOT EAT IT.  This is just a general rule that I share with all clients.  Also aim for minimal ingredients in crackers, stocks, soups, sauces etc.  Better yet: Experiment at home with friends.
  7. Reach out to your friends, family and community – I guarantee that you will know many fellow gf-ers and can exchange tips, recipes, lifestyle hacks and more!
  8. LOOK in the mirror: Odds are your skin will be clearer, eyes whiter, you may even lost a dress size.  Most gluten products are processed so cutting them out is an awesome advantage.
  9. Lean proteins, lots of veg and healthy fats will always be the BEST way to eat.  Lots of colour, organic and sustainable when able and lots of herbs!
  10. Pat yourself on the back.  Its a great big step and your should be proud of your work.  Whether its because of a medical reason or lifestyle swap – IT is something worth being proud of!

Here’s some of our favourite resources:

(aside from our IG & blog)

She Does the City – RachelBies Nutrition Articles – Food delivery, Meal plans, Info, Recipes and Nutritionist Support

The FEEDFEED – Gluten Free

GFF Magazine

Dine Aware – Pass on to your favourite resto to bring in training and info to allow patrons, staff and community to “dine aware” in comfort.  Keep your eyes peeled for hot new branding.


Hope this helps guys!  As always email us for more info or help –




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