IN THE KITCHEN: Pretty pickled beet eggs. (Gf, vegetarian, Paleo friendly)

Happy #worldmeatfreeday day!  We at RBN decided to follow and eat a meatless day of delightful treats.   

We also found ourselves with 3 dozen eggs after my father brought me some fresh farm eggs.  What to do?  PICKLE BABY PICKLE!  After a peruse in the spice cabinet and fridge – decided to experiment with cardamom, raw honey (from Barrie Hill Farms 2 weeks ago) & beets.   The upside of the beets is in a couple weeks when (hopefully) you cut into them – they will be a neon pinkish hue & delicious.   Here’s our recipe and follow us on snap chat (👻: @thehealthybies) for updates.

RBN beet and cardamom pickled eggs:

12 farm fresh eggs, large & hard boiled.

2 cups of ACV & 1/4 jalapeños vinegar. 

2 tbsp raw honey

2 beets, boiled in egg water (then place in pickling liquid to add pink.)

2 tsp pickling spice

4 cardamom pods

To do:  Hard boil eggs – 7 minutes from boil.  Bring pickling liquid to a boil and let simmer for 10 minutes.  Throw eggs into a large mason/glass jar. Pour liquid over eggs.   Keep in the fridge.  The longer they stay in liquid – the more intense they will be!  Eat as a snack, on a salad, charcuterie or a pickled egg sandwich!  

Happy pickling and eating!! 




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