IN THE KITCHEN: Caesar Salad Dressing (or use it for everything like we do!)

Happy Fri-YAY!! 

Not sure when or why this started – but I have this thing that – if there’s Caesar salad on a menu, I must order it.   Years and years of travel and all of the Caesar salads.  I 💚 them.   

I’ve also been working on my recipe for yearsssss.   Always changing and making variations (curried, vegan, smoked etc).  I’m finally happy with it and wouldn’t change a thing! 

I would love to share it with you: Great on kale, all the lettuces, grilled romaine, as a dip for crudités, smear on a sammy – all of the things! 

💛 Guys – this sh*t is liquid gold. RBN Caesar salad dressing ~ for years people have been asking and here it is.


1.5 🍋’s juiced6/7 tbsp evoo
3 cloves garlic

5 anchovies 🐟 (in oil)

1/4 cup grated parm

3 dashes of yellow mustard

10 dashes Tabasco (I know crazy)

6-7 dashes of Worcester sauce 

2 egg yolks (farm if able)

Lots of pepper.

To do:

 Variation 1: chop #garlic and anchovies, stir in remaining ingredients. More of a vinaigrette. Finish w/ extra parm. 

Variation 2: Creamy version – literally throw everything into @vitamix / blender. Taste and season to liking: more garlic, lemon, anchovy. (OMIT: eggs, 🧀 and anchovy for #vegan version). _____________________________

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