Life: The real reason I became a Nutritionist/CNP (certified nutritional practitioner).. (Some disturbing images)

Lately I’ve been asked how I found my way into Nutrition.

I have two versions of MY story – Both of which are completely TRUE: I’ve always been obsessed & around food, travel & wellness thanks to my parents.  In & out of the food industry for 10+ years as a server, bartender, GM, events, food writer, caterer etc etc..  Left FASHION (model/stylist) and then went back to school….

The TRUEST version includes a part that I don’t share with many & have kept it pretty secret until today.  Why am I sharing this now – Well after filling in a few people over the last year – the response seemed that its a story of MY healing, makes my path more open & vulnerable which could help others down the road OR inspire more people to turn to natural healing!

So here is the mini missing link..

A few years ago in the summer of 2010 I was unfortunately in a chemical explosion of sorts – for this purpose I’m not going to mention names or location for privacy & really has no purpose to the story. 

The explosion found its way into my path – burning my face, neck & arms from 1st degree to 3rd.  I was rushed to the hospital (in shock so I’m told) and had to have a chemical wash & infection prevention.  I remember none of this.  I woke up the next day not actually aware of what had happened the night before.  It was oh so painful and sore.  The doctors had me on a “cocktail” of prescription drugs for pain, infection, immune & more.  I was taking up to 10 pills per meal (which was soup because of my mouth being burned) & was covered in gauze – quit my job & was on house arrest for weeks… which ended up being months.


This is roughly a week or two after it happened.  Not impressed as you can tell.
It sound weird but I was worried about my eyebrows growing back weird LOL.

Anyway…after weeks of healing and my skin finally feeling better – I had a reaction to what I believe to be one of the pills I was on.  My eyes we’re swollen shut, skin covered in red/white bumps and mouth was swollen.  I went to the doctors and they simply said to take a anti-histamine (which I already had and had made things worse – I was allergic again!).  I explained that I had & they refused to offer any more advice and simply said “we don’t what it is but will most likely clear up in 2-4 weeks, until then stay on all medications”.  WTF!  Are you kidding me?  Deciding this was no longer working for me – I STORMED out (For those of you who know me – I have perfected my storming out!) of the doctors ranting that this was BS and completely unacceptable treatment/lazy …

The next morning I bought a giant ALOE plant from my local market (at night because I wasn’t allowed in daylight/sun for 1 year because of the new skin) & stopped taking ALL of the pills!

SAD face.


The beginning of the infection/rash.

If you can believe it – within 4 days the rash was starting to clear up, my eyes we’re open-ish, and was starting to feel hopeful again! 

THE POINT of this story: Natural & alternative healing (the aloe) opened my eyes about a new way of approaching health & wellness.  I had always believed in whole foods, wellness, natural skincare BUT now herbal medicine & healing was my new obsession.  I needed and wanted to learn MORE!  The next year – after properly healing – I enrolled at IHN – The Institute of Holistic Nutrition – wanting to LEARN and SHARE – and the rest as they say is history!

I hope this helps you in any way or at least opens your mind to alternatives to Modern Medicine…

Email me if you have any questions!  #askme 

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*This is not meant to take away from people living with disease, auto-immune etc – that we’re in my class & field, merely my small story to inspire & help people choose more natural options rather then pharmaceuticals, processed foods, etc. 


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